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Nexo's NXAMP 4X1 Powered TDControllers are based on an innovative design that provides the full integration of speaker and amplifier control that will provide a safety base and real-time performance that is the first of its kind, having all the parameters controlled by the DSP. This real-time control will offer end users the ability to manage the voltage/current/temperature sense lines from the amplifier's output, protecting both the amplifier and its power supply in real time, while simultaneously offering all control parameters required for the speakers.

NXAMP technology is far more complex than a bundled power amplifier and loudspeaker controller. More than two years of research yielded significant DSP innovations which allow multiple voltage/current/temperature sense lines, from the amplifier's output, to protect both the amplifier and power supply


VHF protection
Fan speed control
Peak Current limiter
DC offset protection
SMPS fault proection
Short circuit protection
Integrate current limiter
Power cable monitoring
SMPS overheat protection
Peak Voltage limiter (clip limiting)
Power Amp overheat protection
Power-off protection (clean shut-down procedure)
Power-on protection (smooth start-up with in-rush limitation)