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Comtek PR-216

The Comtek PR-216 is a professional-quality personal monitor receiver ideal for use in broadcasting, motion pictures, assistive listening, tour guide monitoring, and other applications. It is designed to be used with M-216, M-216 Option P7, and BST-25/216 transmitters.

The PR-216 receives Comtek's hi-fi companded channels as well as standard narrow-band channels for compatibility with receivers from other manufacturers. The beltpack is compact, rugged, and user-friendly. It uses high-efficiency, low power microcircuits and a combination of digital and analog technologies for outstanding reliability and performance.


Uses a Single 9 Volt Battery
50 dB Volume Control Range
99-Position Channel Selector Switches
Power, Battery, and RF Signal LED Indicator
Operates in the 216-217 MHz frequency range
Use Your Choice of Headset Thanks to Standard 3.5mm Jack
Useful for a Variety of Film, Television, and Personal Applications