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Riedel RCP 1112

The panel provides individual rotary encoders to adjust the listen level of every talk key. Furthermore all 1100 Series control key-panels provide 5 dedicated function keys, a built-in high-power loudspeaker with improved audio quality with higher volume, an XLR headset connector and a removable gooseneck microphone. 3 GPIs and 3 GPOs are available for system-wide programming as standard. Two sets of balanced line level audio inputs and outputs are also provided as standard. An expansion slot for future expansion modules prepares the control panel for future technology developments.


• Control Panel; 12 keys; 19" / 1 RU
• Balanced analog line level inputs / outputs (2x / 2x)
• GPI opto-inputs /relay outputs on DB9 connectors (3x / 3x)
• Slot for future expansion modules
• Integrated power supply