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Studio Technologies M-230

This device simplifies audio setup at the talent positions where talent talkback to the control room is required. It contains a complete 2-channel (interrupted and non-interrupted) RTS-equivalent IFB station. The talkback circuitry in the box produces a line level (nom -10db) output transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops.

The single push-button on the top of the box removes the microphone from the air circuit and routes it to the talkback circuit.The AIR Microphone circuit is completely passive. If the power to an IFB station is lost, only the IFB and talkback functions will be lost; the air microphone circuit will still function normally.

The talkback output level is fixed at about -10db. This level, when fed into the line level input of a speaker amplifier, should allow the amplifier gain pot to run about midrange. The level is low enough that no crosstalk problems should be experienced in bringing the talkback signal back down the mic level audio mult.

Two line-level inputs
Broadcast IFB input
Auxiliary relay contacts
Line-level talkback output
Transformer-balanced main output
Microcontroller-directed audio routing
Two rotary headphone output level controls
Stereo headphone monitoring of selectable sources
Powered by intercom, IFB, or by external DC source
Dual-channel intercom interface with "auto-terminate"
Microphone preamp with selectable gain and 48 volt phantom power
Three pushbutton switches offer programmable "click-free" audio path control
All configuration switches and trim potentiometers accessible via thebottom of the enclosure