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The QSC CX404 is a 4-channel power amplifier, designed primarily in support of fixed installation sound systems. The 2RU rackmountable unit is surprisingly lightweight, and provides a customized integrated security cover.

Designed for a space and energy efficient working life in a facility rack, QSC has equipped the CX404 with a varispeed fan cooling system, featuring rear to front airflow exiting through the front panel grill, and the uniquely efficient Powerwave technology for the switching power supply. The Powerwave design sends current to the amp's power circuitry by charging the supply rails a staggering 230,000 times a second via a very low impedance circuit. The result is a consistently clean signal, and efficient, predictable power distribution that contributes to lowered heat buildup and improved signal reproduction.


Barrier strip output connector
Variable speed fan for low noise
Active Inrush Limiting eliminates AC inrush current
Channels 1&2 and 3&4 bridgeable for maximum flexibility
1dB detented gain controls for fast and accurate gain settings
Custom integrated security cover for tamper-proof installations
Three models that range in power from 170 watts to 450 watts per channel
HD15 DataPort connector for Q-Sys and QSControl computer control and monitoring
Compact size-all models only 2 RU and 14" deep for reduced rack cost and floor space