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Eiki LC-WB200

This portable projector that features high-resolution projections of 16:10 (1,280 x 800 pixels) and intuitive ways. Particularly advantageous everywhere where very high resolution image and video content is presented. The LC-WB200 projected on green chalkboards and even colorized walls are no obstacle.


Wireless remote control
Quiet operation: fan noise as low as 29 dBA
Custom warm-up screen option. Colorboard modes
Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling
Preset image offset. Vertical digital keystone correction
3 panel LCD imaging delivers a rich, color saturated picture
Built-in 10 Watt sound system. Closed caption decoding (NTSC)
Wired Network Monitoring and Control. Digital Zoom: 50%~400%
Displays both 4:3 and 16:9 formats. Supports most HDTV resolutions
Converts Interlace to Progressive scan. 3-2 / 2-2 Pulldown support
Accepts Composite, Component and S-Video in all major standards
Variable Power Management option. Optional local or remote keylock
Native WXGA resolution brightness. Compatible with inputs up-to UXGA & WUXGA
Supports both analog and digital computer and video input in all color standards up-to 1080p