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Telecast Rattler

Telecast's Rattlers are miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules that offer the industry's broadest range of digital rates while maintaining the signal quality that broadcasters demand. No matter what your format, the Rattlers allow you to transmit.
These modules are inter-operable with Telecast's Python™ series, Viper™I and Viper™II series frames and modules, so you can expand the systems that you already have and create a wide variety of network topologies. The Rattler TX accepts a 75 ohm coaxial input and converts it into an optical stream via a standard ST connector. The RX unit reconverts the uncompressed signal back to a BNC output.The transmitter modules include equalization for long lengths of coaxial cable, so you can use them at nearly any point in your HD/SDI chain.


19.4 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps
Up to 30 km distance
Power from 5-16 VDC
USB power capable
High durability design
Portable, lightweight units
Supports embedded audio