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Sony LMD-941W 9"

The Sony LMD-941W 9" LCD Monitor is a 9" production monitor that is at home in both the field and in a studio or mounted in a rack. The LMD-941W displays NTSC, PAL and HD video supporting interlaced, progressive and PsF formats. It supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 and frame rates from 23.98 to 60P. The LMD-941W features composite, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI inputs with composite and SD/HD-SDI outputs. With excellent off axis viewing qualities, this an excellent choice for either a single viewer or when an entire group is going to be watching. The monitor features built-in waveform and vector scope displays for checking that the video signal is within spec. The built-in camera focus aid enhances the edge detail for critical focus adjustments, allowing you to judge focus on its 9" screen, and not a tiny camera viewfinder. Timecode display, embedded audio level indicators and safe area markers allow you to precisely check your images for framing issues or audio distortion.


9" Display 1920x1080, Active Matrix LCD
Supports NTSC/PAL & HD
Composite, SDI & HDMI Inputs
178° Viewing Angle Top/Bot, L/R
Built-In Signal Analyzers
Safe Area Markers & Focus Aid Function
Timecode & Audio Level Display
Display Mode Selection
Seven Assignable Preset Buttons
12 Volt DC & 110/220 AC Power