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Sachtler Video 60 Tripod 150mm

Strong, Yet Lightweight. The extremely lightweight Video 60 Plus EFP weighs just 8.4 kg /18.5 lb. With a 150 mm center of gravity height, it easily supports weights up to 60 kg / 132 lb. The Video 60 Plus EFP balance plate has a sliding range of up to 115 mm / 4.5", allowing you to safely balance the camera at any tilt angle.

Conventional pan and tilt head brakes are often difficult to tell apart or locate at first glance, and sometimes hard to reach. The Video 60 Plus has easy to identify, direct-response horizontal and vertical brakes that are vibration-free. And its integrated assembly lock lets you mount the camera quickly and safely.

Possible modifications:
- modification to V-plate
- modification to flat base
- modification to Mitchell fitting
- modification to pan bar with rosette

Tilt range +90/-60°
Weight 8.4 kg / 18.5 lbs
Counterbalance in 18 steps
Batteries Level 3 x 625U or LR9
Payload 16 - 65 kg / 35 - 143 lbs
Pan bar(s) 2, telescopic, Type Plus
Sliding range - plate 115 mm / 4.5 in
Camera fitting Touch & Go Plate 35
Level self-illuminating Touch Bubble
Temperature range -40° to +60° C / -40 to +140° F
Grades of drag 9 each horizontal and vertical + 0
Tripod/Pedestal fitting 150 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting