Yamaha O2R96 v2

Yamaha O2R96V2

The O2R96 is an undeniable standard in audio production, providing advanced capabilities for audio production, broadcast, and live applications. It makes available the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production to a broad range of engineers and facilities. Included are standards such as 96kHz audio, internal 32-bit processing, surround monitoring, studio manager software, and powerful DAW control. This update, which adds over 50 features and significant overall performance upgrades, has been released in response to the requests of its loyal users.


  • Full 96kHz resolution across all 56 channels.
  • Powerful control of all features through the studio manager software.
  • Visual feedback for all changes and controls through the LCD screen.
  • Customizable I/O, customizable assignment controls, and powerful global controls. 

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