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RTS IFB 4030

Two-Wire IFB Beltpack with ¼" (6.3 mm) Jack
The RTS model 4030 is a portable two-channel listening station. It permits a user to monitor one audio channel in each ear with independent volume adjustment for each channel. The model 4030 may be used as a component of the RTS Series 4000 IFB system, or it may be used as a listen-only user station in an RTS TW intercom system.

In IFB applications, talent, such as newscasters, musicians, sportscasters, etc., can use the model 4030, to receive director instructions alone or to receive both audio program feed and director instructions. Behind-the-scenes personnel for production coordination and control may also use it. The model 4030 receives operating power and audio via the model 4010 central electronics unit.

In TW intercom system applications, the Model 4030 may be connected and used like any other system-powered, two-channel beltpack.


Separate Volume Control for Each Channel
Power-On Indicator Confirms Connection to Powered Audio Channel
Monaural ¼" Phone Jack for Headphone/Earset Connection to Channel Two
Stereo ¼" Phone Jack for Headphone/Earset Connection to Channels One & Two
XLR-Type 3-pin Female Connector for Audio/Power Connection (Power Supplied on Channel One)