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Clear-Com Arcadia

The Clear-Com Arcadia Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform which integrates analog wired and digital wireless partyline systems, including the full range of FreeSpeak™ products. With a mixture of 2-wire and 4-wire audio ports, the 1RU device serves as the centerpiece of a system that includes Clear-Com endpoints along with third-party Dante devices. The Arcadia Central Station supports wired and wireless endpoints with up to 96 total ports of connectivity, 64 of which are available for Dante/AES67. 


  • Supports up to 40 wireless belt packs, 16 IP transceivers, and up to 10 E1 transceivers.
  • Supports up to 24 Helixnet channels, with 64 endpoints total
  • Supports up to 64 Dante channels
  • Current system supports 32 total ports of connectivity, can be upgraded to 128 in sets of 16 ports.

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