2020 COVID-19

May 18, 2020

Los Angels

SoCal Rentals COVID-19 Update Stay at Home Compliance Update

SoCal Rentals COVID-19 Update Stay at Home Compliance Update

In order to comply with Mayor Garcetti’s emergency order of “Safer at Home” for the City of Los Angeles issued on March 19th , SoCal Rentals will be temporarily closing all physical locations through April 19. We will continue to make ourselves available to answer questions on existing rentals as well as continue to provide quotes for future orders. Please allow a little more time than normal for a response as we navigate through this together. If you have an immediate need, please call the on-call line at (818) 565-3333 and leave a message. If you would like a quote for a future event, please submit through the website or in an email to rentals@socalps.com.

As we get new information and adapt to this constantly changing situation, we will continue to monitor and provide updates via email, social media, and our website.

Thank You for your continuing business. We wish you the best during these challenging times.

Eric Broderson, CEO/Owner of SoCal Rentals


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