Sachtler Video 90 Tripod 150mm

Professional camera operators choose the Video 90 FB for OB and studio applications for good reasons. The fluid head features direct-response horizontal and vertical brakes. Mounted on the back of the head, they are absolutely vibration-free, thus guaranteeing exceptionally smooth operation. The integrated assembly lock lets you mount the camera quickly and safely, while a fine tuning knob ensures perfect counterbalance.

The Sachtler Quickfix, a standard feature of the Video 90 FB, lets you mount flat base heads with a single screw. This saves a lot of time, especially if you have to change equipment quickly, which is all in a normal day’s work in OB environments.

Two built-in threaded holes for the teleprompter tubes, a feature of the Video 90 FB sliding plate, allow you to place the teleprompter right next to the rotating axis. Do you need to use counterweights? This is no problem for the Video 90 FB, which supports maximum loads up to 115 kg / 254 lb.

A high-performance, jerk-free damping system is indispensable for long focal lengths in OB applications. Broadcasting professionals know they can rely on Sachtler damping systems. It is always at hand in full force.


Tilt range +60/-45°
Weight 14.2 kg / 31.3 lbs
Counterbalance in 24 steps
Payload 0 - 115 kg / 0 - 254 lbs
Pan bar(s) 2 pan bar front sections
Sliding range - plate 180 mm / 7.1 in
Temperature range -40° to +60° C / -40 to +140° F
Grades of drag 7 each horizontal and vertical +0
Camera fitting V-plateTripod/Pedestal fitting Flat base