Proaim Mitchell Heavy-duty Camera Tripod Stand with Spreader

The Proaim Mitchell Tripod Stand is a versatile, robust and lightweight tripod that is easy and fast to setup.  It is a 2-stage aluminum video tripod with twin legs structure, an adjustable middle spreader and a floor spreader. Quick-Lock Levers allow comfortable single-handed adjustment of all leg sections. The Mitchell Tripod Stand works extremely efficiently with equipment such as Camera Slider, Dolly, Jib and Geared Heads.


  • High-grade CNC Aluminum
  • Maximum Height: 5.5ft / 66”
  • Minimum Height: 2.9ft / 35”
  • Payload at Minimum Height: 250 kg / 551 lb
  • Payload at Maximum Height: 80 kg / 176 lb

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