Aphex 1788A

The 1788A from Aphex is an eight channel, remote controlled microphone preamp that addresses many of the noise issues that plague preamps. These include long microphone level cables, splitters and multiple inputs that reduce the sensitivity of the microphone and change its frequency, phase and transient response. By placing the 1788A close to the microphones and controlling it remotely, the need for long cable runs is eliminated. Phantom power on a microphone line also causes the line itself to become a microphone. Having the phantom power source as close as possible to the microphone reduces the chance of phantom voltage loss within a very long cable run. The unit can provide up to five outputs per channel (two analog and three digital via an optional digital output card,) all available simultaneously, thus essentially eliminating the need for splitter boxes. A built-in limiter in the front-end of the preamp provides protection against overloading the preamp.t


  • Eight remote controllable, Jensen transformer-coupled microphone preamps.
  • Limiter in the front end of the preamp.
  • A 26dB pad allows a preamp to be run as a unity gain buffer stage.
  • Output level trims of up to 24dB.
  • Two separately trimmable, buffered analog outputs.
  • LED indicators for the status of each function for ea.ch channel.
  • Front panel headphone output.

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