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Cedar DNS1500

If you work with dialogue, the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of the DNS1500 provides solutions to audio problems that you could not previously solve. Furthermore, the DNS1500's near-zero latency means that you do not need to slip the audio against time-code, making it possible to use the DNS1500 in real-time on the dubbing stage. For location sound engineers (who do not have the luxury of random access to the material) the near-zero latency means that the DNS1500 is simple to use with video, and removes the need for a video frame store. Furthermore, the combination of low latency and 24-bit fidelity means that you can leave the DNS1500 permanently in the signal chain without fear of signal degradation.


  • 96kHz, 24-bit I/O and SHARC processing power.
  • The DNS1500 boasts a very fast and intuitive user interface.
  • You can combine ranges for wideband processing when needed.
  • The DNS1500 has less than 10 samples latency so there is no loss of lip sync.
  • The DNS1500 is self-contained, so it requires no external racks of equipment.
  • Low, mid, and high frequency ranges allow you to tune the process to the type of noise.