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Sound Devices 302

The Sound Devices 302 is a professional, compact 3 channel audio mixer designed to meet the demands of professional film, ENG / EFP and broadcast applications. Its compact design, extensive feature set and superior audio quality justify the mixer's popularity among industry professionals. The 302 features 3 balanced XLR inputs that are capable of accepting mic or line-level signal (user switchable). The output stage features stereo (L/R) balanced XLR outputs that are also mic or line level switchable (factory set to line, refer to manual for mic level set up).


  • 3 Transformer Balanced Inputs - The compact mixer features 3 transformer balanced microphone or line level switchable inputs via XLR female 3-pin connectors. 
  • Flexible Monitoring - The 302's headphone monitor out is capable of varying output impedance between 8 to 1000 ohms. The monitor source is capable of individual channel, mono, stereo, M-S to stereo monitoring and more. 
  • Input and Output Limiting - Each input and stereo outputs provide input and output limiting that prevents signal overload, eliminating noise and distortion. 
  • Polarity (Phase) Reverse Switch - Channels 1 & 2 are stereo linkable, channel 2 features a polarity (phase) reverse switch. This makes the 302 ideal for decoding M-S stereo captured audio signal. 
  • Selectable Phantom Power - The unit is capable of powering condenser microphones requiring +48V, +12V and +12V-T phantom power. Phantom power is individually switched for every channel.
  • Low Cut Filter - A low-cut filter switch is available on every input, removing noise and rumble below 80Hz.

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