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Sound Devices Mix Pre

The Sound Devices MixPre is a 2 channel, studio grade, microphone mixer designed for remote or field mixing in video, film, broadcast or professional recording applications. The compact and lightweight mixer boasts an impressive feature set starting with 2 transformer balanced XLR microphone inputs and stereo (L/R) XLR outputs. Separate stereo tape output and tape return input are provided, both feature 1/8" (3.5mm) mini stereo jacks.


  • Professional & Portable - The unit boasts a dynamic range of 110dB and 10Hz to 50kHz audio bandwidth, while remaining small, lightweight and portable. 
  • Audio Limiters - User switchable, two stage limiters are available on each input, eliminating noise and distortion caused by signal overload. 
  • Flexible Monitoring - The 1/4" TRS headphone output, monitors main input signal as well as tape return signal. 
  • Transformer Balanced Inputs - Transformer-balanced XLR inputs provide high gain while maintaining a low noise floor. 
  • Low-Cut Filter - Low-cut filter switches eliminate noise caused by rumble, wind and proximity effect at 80Hz or 160Hz (user switchable). 
  • Test Tone and Slate Mic - An internal test tone oscillator and slate microphone are provided for calibrating level of external audio devices.

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