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Zaxcom ZFR100

The ZFR100 features a fault tolerant recording system. If a memory card is ejected or accidentally turned off while recording, there will be no audio loss prior to the point of interruption. The ZFR100 records on removable MiniSD Flash media. Both record / stop and continuous loop recording is supported. The ZFR100 boasts a full-featured timecode reader / generator with accuracy of 1 frame every 6 hours (1.54 PPM). The ZFR100 can auto-detect the timecode frame-rate when jammed. The ZFR100 operates using a single mic-level unbalanced input with powering for lavaliere microphones. File transfer software that runs on both MAC and PC operating systems is included with the ZFR100. ZFR100 audio files are automatically recorded at 48 kHz / 24 bits. The transfer software utilizes sample rate conversion to obtain the sample rate and bit depth of choice when files are imported to your computer. There are two timecode stamped file types to choose from: BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) or MP3 file. MP3 files are smaller files for transmission over the internet to a transcription house.


  • Fault tolerant recording
  • Removable MiniSD media
  • Small size & rugged design
  • Built-in timecode reader / generator

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