Lectronics R1 A

Lectrosonics R1A

The Lectrosonics IFB-R1a is a frequency-agile UHF wireless IFB beltpack monitoring receiver, housed in a durable slim-profile case, and capable of accessing 256 frequencies available from a selection of factory-programmed frequency blocks.The IFB-R1a is equipped with an internal microprocessor, allowing for very reliable reception and a set of 5 programmable setup memories, a multi-function control button, and a tricolor LED indicator.The IFB-R1a is designed for professional use in broadcast, motion picture, theater, and stage applications where extended operating range and audio clarity are essential.Note! For system compatibility, the component's frequency MUST match your existing system/component frequency.



  • Frequency-agile UHF wireless beltpack receiver with 5-frequency programmable memory and dual high and low level frequency scan
  • Frequency coverage in the 537.6 to 793.5MHz range (608 - 614MHz not included)
  • Dual high and low level frequency scan with inverse low and high sensitivity search, prevents intermodulation and distortion
  • 9 factory-available frequency blocks with 256 selectable frequencies per block and 0.1MHz channel spacing
  • Crystal-controlled phase locked loop frequency control for reliable reception
  • Microprocessor-controlled design of frequency selection, programming and audio level via multi-function control knob
  • Tricolor LED indicator with power on, channel number, scan and low battery indication
  • Two easy-access rotary hex switches for manual operating frequency setting