Lectronics IFB T4

Lectrosonics IFB T4

The IFBT4 from Lectrosonics is a high-quality IFB transmitter designed for applications where long operating range and great audio quality are needed, such as broadcasting, film, and theater. The sleek, simple box can be used as a stand-alone unit, or patched into other widely-used intercom systems. The single XLR input connector is accompanied by four DIP-switches for selecting a mic, line, Clear Com, RTS1, or RTS2 audio source.The Digital Hybrid Wireless technology allows the system to overcome channel noise by digital encoding and decoding audio in the transmitter and receiver, but sending the encoded signal over an analog FM signal. Due to the FM link being used, the system has all the benefits of traditional FM systems, including high range and resistance to interference, but thanks to the digital technology, the analog compander and artifacts are removed for greater audio quality.The system is easy to use, featuring a menu-based, microprocessor-controlled system that is navigated with momentary buttons. The backlit LCD is bright and clear for easy reading. The casing is constructed from rugged aluminum to withstand the rigors of professional use, and it is small enough to use in any situation.


  • Sleek, easy to use IFB transmitter with long range, terrific audio, and low distortion
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless technology combines digital and analog technologies to reap the benefits of both
  • Choose from 256 UHF frequencies in 100kHz steps
  • Microprocessor-controlled with easy-to-use menu-based navigation
  • Standard 3-pin XLR jack can accept mic, line, Clear Com, RTS1, and RTS2 signals
  • Output power of 250mW for long range transmission, BNC antenna included
  • Built-in mic preamp