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D'San ASL4-ND3 Speaker Clock

The D’San Audience Signal Light (4” High Solid LED Digits) allows you to simplify the process of presentations by signaling the speaker when to start or stop. With 4” (10.16cm) high 7-segment LED digits and red, yellow, and green colored warning lights, the signal light provides a clear cue to the speaker.

You can use the signal light to display the time remaining for the presenter’s reference. When not connected to the Limitimer console, the signal light displays the time of the day along with battery backup. You can directly power the signal light from the Limitimer unit or connect it to an AC outlet up to 200’ (60.9m) away.

RJ45 input and output jacks provide ample interconnectivity that allows you to connect the signal lights in a daisy chain to create a custom display configuration. Included with the Audience Signal Light are a stage stand and wall mounting clips, providing you with the flexibility of positioning the light at a convenient position.


  • RJ45 Input / Output Jacks
  • Dimensions - 23 x 6.5 x 3.5"
  • Time Remaining / Time of the Day
  • Green / Yellow / Red Warning Lights
  • 7-segment LED Digits - 4" (10.16cm) High
  • Direct Power from Limitimer / AC Outlet
  • Stage Stand/Wall Mounting Clips Included

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