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Fiberplex VIM-1808

The VIM-1808 is normally used in connection with the VIM-0808 to achieve an 8x8 fiber-optic transport system. The VIM-1808 / VIM-0808 system is normally used as a “drive snake” for sending audio to amplifiers or powered speakers, or for distributed systems utilizing the fiber “pass thru” found on the VIM-0808. This device contains 8 analog line level AND 8 AES digital outputs, and 8 analog line level OR 8 AES digital inputs. The VIM-1808 is supplied with a pair of transmit/receive LC fiber connectors (other connector types possible). It also contains a single LC fiber “thru” connector (transmit only) allowing all data coming into the device to be output on fiber and transported to another location. The VIM-1808 contains the system clock. This clock can be switched to operate at 48k or 96k. The VIM-1808 has an external word clock input on a BNC connector, a word clock output on a BNC connector, and super clock output on a BNC connector. The VIM-1808 can “slave” to an external word clock. There are “sync” status LED’s on the front and rear of the unit. These LED’s will be solid green when in sync, flashing red and green while looking for sync, and solid red when no sync is present.


  • Fiber runs up to 2km (multimode), 20km (single mode)
  • Lossless optical “thru” for distributed systems
  • 8 Simultaneous analog & digital outputs
  • 48k or 96k operation
  • System can distribute clock

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