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Evertz 7700 Frame

The 7800FR is a 3 rack unit high frame for the 7800 and 7700 series modular system. This advanced rack frame design can house up to 15 modules of any combination of the 7800 and 7700 series distribution, conversion, processing and synchronization modules. Special care was taken during the design process to ensure that the 7800FR meets the demanding needs of television studios today and has the sufficient flexibility to satisfy the emerging demands of the future.

The 7800FR is designed with a high density capacity to conserve on precious equipment rack space. Care has been taken to ensure sufficient thermal relief for up to 360 Watts of processing power per frame, to meet the increasing power demands of future high speed processing cards.

Hot swappable redundant switching power supplies and cooling fans allow power supply or fan replacement without compromising the integrity of critical signal paths. The 7800FR is available with auto ranging 100V - 240V AC power supplies.

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