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Evertz 7707 EO

This device offers auto rate selection, indication and reclocking for all SDI and HD-SDI data rates from 143Mb/s to 1.485Gb/s, selectable non-reclock mode for other data rates, and detection and display of equalization strength, video format, and EDH errors (SDI only).



  • Electrical to optical converter for all SMPTE 259M standards with operation from 143Mb/s - 360Mb/s
  •  Supports SMPTE 310M (19.4Mb/s), M2S, DVB-ASI (270Mb/s), SMPTE 344M (540Mb/s) and SMPTE 305M (SDTi) rates
  • Detection and display of input equalization, video format and EDH errors
  •  Automatic coaxial input equalization to up 275m at 270Mb/s (Belden 8281)
  • Reclocked optical and electrical outputs
  • Optical output wavelengths of 1310nm, 1550nm and up to sixteen CWDM wavelengths (ITU-T G.694.2 compliant)

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