Fujinon 42x13.5 Berd-S48

The Fujinon A42x13.5BERD is a 2/3" super telephoto lens with 42x optical zoom. The lens comes with a 2x extender for instant telephoto.

Known for their high build quality and precision optics, Fujinon lenses have become the industry standard for professional video applications all over the world. The focal-length range is 13.5-570mm with a minimum object distance of 2.8 m (9.2'.)

The lens also comes equipped with a wide variety of extra features including Fujinon's QuickZoom technology, providing a quick and easy way to verify focus. This package comes with a lens support and carrying case.


  • High Definition Ready
  • Wide Angles for ENG Shooting
  • QuickZoom Technology
  • Internal Focus

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