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NEC 55" X554HB

Nec 55" X554HB

With NEC’s new MultiSync® X554HB connecting with customers has never been smarter or brighter. The display offering a maximum brightness of 2,700cd/m² will capture viewers with a stunning visual experience, while minimizing power consumption use through a programmable ambient light sensor.

High reliability and a stable image quality are guaranteed by the selection of professional grade components and an intelligent thermal management which allows for an even heat distribution even under challenging conditions and 24/7 applications.This display is ideal for any heavy duty digital signage application that requires extremely high brightness levels and sunlight proof operation.


  • crisp playback of contents thanks to high brightness of 2700 cd/m² and reliable 8-bit S-PVA colour reproduction combined with an optical filter
  • Highly temperature-resistant LCD panel coating to withstand direct sunlight without blackening effects
  • Automatically adapts brightness to suit ambient light conditions ensuring reduced power consumption and eye pleasing luminosity levels

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