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Pelco KBD300A Controller

The Pelco KBD300A is a full-function desktop keyboard controller for use with Pelco switchers or for direct camera control and features a built-in joystick for smooth and quick operation. The keyboard controls all major camera functions including pan/tilt, zoom, manual focus, open/close iris, start/stop, frame and random scanning. When attached to a switcher, the keyboard also controls monitors and any auxiliary devices plugged into the camera. Depending on a particular switcher in use, up to sixteen keyboards can be attached to a single switcher.

The keyboard also supports a direct mode where up to 16 cameras can be attached directly to the camera without needing to go through a switcher.

Enables smooth and effortless maneuvering with the ability to control the zoom by twisting the joystick clockwise or counter clockwise.

Full Functionality
Use it to control the major camera functions including pan/tilt, zoom, start/stop, manual focus, open/close iris as well as controlling monitors and auxiliary devices attached to the camera.

Multiple Keyboards
Depending on the type of switcher in use, up to 16 keyboards can be attached to a single switcher. The CM-6700 and CM6800-32X6 supports up to eight keyboards. The CM-680048X8, CM6800E-48X8 and CM6800-96X16 supports up to sixteen keyboards while four keyboards can be used with the CM9760-SAT switcher.

Direct Mode
In the event when the full functionality a switcher offers is not required, the keyboard can also be used for direct control of up to sixteen cameras. This mode requires the use of an optional remote wiring kit (KBDKIT) as well as a Pelco MS500 or VA6100 to route the video to a monitor.

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