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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Antenna 1.9gHz

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Antenna 1.9gHz

Clear-Com FSII-TCVR-19-US1.89GHz-1.93GHz ( exact frequency range depends upon country where approved) Band Active Transceiver Antenna allows users to freely roam around a facility while staying connected to the base station. Each Active Antenna can create a coverage zone of up to 1,475 feet. One Active Antenna supports up to 5 beltpacks with the ability of adding more if roaming or more beltpack support is required. Up to 10 remote Active Antennas can be strategically placed to cover a wide area.


  • Up to 10 Active Antennas can be connected to one system
  • Up to 1,475 ft of coverage area per antenna
  • 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz antennas can co-operate on the same system

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