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Clear-Com HME PRO850

With the HME PRO850 Wireless Intercom System, you'll get exceptional operating range, cutting-edge features and the flexibility to configure and expand the entire system to meet your unique communication needs. With more value, better performance and greater reliability, the PRO850 is the ultimate solution for all your intercom needs.

Innovative features like PC interface, automated power control, simultaneous dual-channel interface, Wireless ISO – plus all the standard capabilities – give you more operating power and flexibility to achieve the best performance. Combine all that with a ruggedly-constructed design, the HME PRO850 provides the utmost reliability and sound quality.

Up to 4 full duplex/16 push-to-transmit belt packs per base station and up to 3 bases can be linked to support up to 48 wireless users.


  • Frequency Agile UHF Operation - 470MHz to 740MHz.
  • Automatic Frequency Scanning for Interference Free Operation.
  • Channel Lockout with busy signalization for belt Pac remotes sharing same frequency.
  • Automatic Power Output Control for exceptional range and longer belt Pac battery life.
  • Two Channel Hardwired Interface simultaneously supports two-wire and four-wire systems.

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