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Icom IC-R6 Receiver

ICOM IC-R6 Communications Receivers have an ultra-wideband frequency range, covering from 100 kilohertz to 1309.995 Megahertz. Even so, they provide superior sensitivity and selectivity characteristics that resist interference. A wide variety of utility and government communications, amateur radio stations, AM, FM, and short wave broadcast stations can be monitored with these receivers. A valuable feature, the Voice Squelch Control, opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected. It's a handy feature for listeners scanning for news, talk, and music--not data bursts or beacons.

The IC-R6 has 100 channels per second of high speed scan capability when in VFO mode. This superior scanning power provides efficiency when searching over 1300 MHz of spectrum! With 1,300 alphanumeric memory channels, 50 scan edges, 200 auto-write memories, and 22 memory banks, ICOM IC-R6 Communications Receivers give you unparalleled scanning flexibility!

The IC-R6 is very energy-efficient! With the supplied pair of rechargeable AA Ni-MH cells, the IC-R6 provides up to 15 hours of continuous receive time! Optional power may be supplied with standard AA alkaline batteries. You may also operate the IC-R6 utilizing the mobile DC power cable, or use the optional drop-in charger stand. The power choices are all yours!


  • Auto memory
  • Built-in RF attenuator
  • Dial speed acceleration
  • Built-in audio low pass filter
  • Duplex operation monitoring
  • Ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast
  • 150mW loud audio with internal speaker

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