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Studio Technologies M-41

The Model 41 is designed to create broadcast-standard IFB circuits from line-level audio sources. The unit's primary application is to interface analog outputs associated with digital matrix intercom systems with broadcast IFB user devices. The Model 41 provides four independent IFB circuits. Each IFB circuit provides DC power and two analog audio signals to support the connected IFB user devices. The Model 41's audio quality is excellent; little hiss, hum, or other artifacts are present. To ensure optimal operation, the unit provides resources for visually and audibly monitoring the audio output signals. In addition, the DC output voltage is monitored for over-current and short circuit conditions.

Installation of the Model 41 is very simple. Audio input connections are made using a 25-pin D-subminiature connector. The IFB output circuits interface using standard 3-pin XLR-type connectors. The compact, one-rack-space package is constructed using heavy-gauge steel components. The unit's mains power input can range from 100 to 230 volts, 50/60 hertz. This "universal input" ensures correct operation virtually anywhere in the world.

To help confirm proper installation and ensure correct operation, the Model 41 includes a full-featured audio monitor section. Two 5-segment LED meters provide an indication of the audio levels as they appear directly on the IFB output connectors. This capability makes it simple to adjust and maintain correct audio levels so that optimal IFB performance can be maintained. A headphone output is also provided, allowing "real world" checking of IFB audio quality. In addition to being able to manually select the IFB circuit to be monitored by the meters and headphone output, an "auto scan" mode is also included. This allows each of the four IFB circuits to be monitored in a continuously repeating sequence.


Excellent audio quality
Transformer-coupled inputs
Four independent IFB circuits
Single rack-space mounting
Universal mains input powering
Superior power-feed performance

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