CARTONI D604 Delta Carbon Fiber Tripod System

The Cartoni D604 Delta Carbon Fiber Tripod System comprised of the Delta fluid head and the ENG tripod, is designed to support ENG dockable camcorders equipped with large lenses or employed with EFP cameras. The Delta fluid head, features the award winning, patented fluid damping system ensures consistent drag levels and smooth camera movements throughout the range and allows perfect reproduction of 10 basic tension settings continuously adjustable in both pan and tilt modes. 



  • D600 Delta Head
  • L503 1-Stage Tripod
  • Supports 48 lbs
  • Use with ENG & EFP Cameras
  • 10 Tension Settings
  • Fluid Damping System
  • Variable Counterbalance
  • Accommodates Offset Payloads

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