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Proaim 6' Flyking Camera Slider

This 6' long Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider with Mitchell Mount and Flight Case provides you with the capability for smooth slides and supports up to 154 pounds of fluid head and camera gear. The slider has 39" of slider travel on eight precision ball bearings, which are coated with a lubricant that bonds to the bearings for silent operation. This makes the slider suitable for use while recording audio in quiet scenes. The carriage incorporates spring-loaded shock absorbers to help prevent sudden stops when reaching the end of the track. The Flyking Slider features smooth 360° in-shot panning on the Mitchell legs, unlike most sliders, which require the slider to be mounted on a fluid head. The Flyking mounts directly to the Mitchell mounting plate on your tripod legs. Additionally, four adjustable height legs are included with the slider.


  • Smooth Motion & Precise Starts/Stops
  • 154-Pound Payload/39" Slider Travel
  • Ball Bearings with Bonded Lubricant
  • 360° Panning Machined Aluminum Rails
  • Carriage Features Mitchell Head Fitting
  • Built-In End-Stop Shock Absorbers
  • Can Be Mounted on Mitchell Mount Tripods
  • 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 Threaded Mounting Holes
  • 5/8" (Baby-Pin) Mounting Holes

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