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Expand the focal length of your format B4-mount 2/3" lens when using it on a 35mm large-sensor camera with this HDX35 Mark III Converter from IBE OPTICS. The converter supports high-resolution imagery while optically correcting the 3-chip image format for use on large-format sensors with up to a 30.2mm image circle. It is designed to magnify your focal length by 2.6x. The converter features minimal optical degradation while expanding the focal length and decreasing the image brightness by 2.5 stops. To create an optimized optical design for modern lenses and digital cameras, the maximum input is T1.9. 


  • For B4-Mount 2/3" Lenses
  • Use with 35mm Large-Format Sensor Size
  • 2.6x Focal Length Magnification
  • Optically Corrects from 3-Chip Prism
  • 2.5-Stop Light Decrease
  • T1.9 Maximum T-Stop Input
  • Allows up to 4096 x 2160p 17:9

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