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Telescript FPS-150S Teleprompter

Telescript FPS-150S Teleprompter

Telescript systems are quality built with aircraft grade aluminum to be strong but light. The FPS-150S model mounts securely to the camera allowing full camera motion. The bright monitors allow for the talent to easily read in nearly any lighting conditions.



  • Anti-reflective monitor glass, quick set-up, locking power and video connectors, battery operable
  • Screen size : 15” (30.5 cm)Useable range: 2-35 ft (10.67m)
  • System weight: 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg)Beamsplitter shape: 
  • TrapezoidalBrightness: 500 nits (DayBrite Available)Image reverse: Horizontal and VerticalCamera Type: ENG/Mini/StudioInputs:1 VGA, 2 Composite with loop, S-Video, DVI/HDMI

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